Title Author Publication

Alternative Modernities

edited by Filip Parameshwar Gaonkar

Atlas of Slavery by James Walvin

Brewing Legal Times: Things, Forms, and the Enactment of the Law by Emily Grabham

Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline by Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton

Clock Time vs. Event Time: Temporal Culture or Self-Regulation?

Clouds, Clocks and the Study of Politics.World Politics

Gabriel A. Almond and Stephen J. Genco 1977

Collapsing Space and Time: Geographic Aspects of Communication and Information edited by Stanley D. Brunn and Thomas R, Leinbarch

Counter Clockwise: Unmapping Black Temporalities from Greenwich Mean Timelines

Rasheedah Phillips 2021

Counting Clocks, Owning Time: Detailing and Interpreting Clock and Watch Ownership in the American South, 1739-1865

Mark M. Smith 1994

Einstein’s Clocks, Poincaire’s Maps: Empires of Time

Peter Galison

Hidden Rhythms: Schedules and Calendars in Social Life

Eviatar Zerubavel

History of the House: Clocks and Modern Temporal Order

Gerhard Dorhn-Van Rossum, trans. Thomas Dunlap

Liberating Clocks: Developing a Critical Horology to rethink the potential of clock time

Michelle Bastian 2016

Maps & Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society by Norman J.W. Thrower

Marking Modern Times: A History of Clocks, Watches, and Other Timekeepers in American Life by Alexis McCrossen (2013)

Mastered by the Clock: Time, Slavery, and Freedom in the American South

Mark M. Smith

Memoir of Benjamin Banneker: Read Before the Maryland Historical Society at the Monthly Meeting, May 1, 1845 by John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe

Nov. 18, 1883: Railroad Time Goes Coast to Coast

Randy Alfred 2008

​Placing Time, Timing Space: Dismantling the Master’s Map and Clock – The Funambulist Magazine

Rasheedah Phillips 2018

Project: Time Capsule – e-flux architecture x Guggenheim “Survivance” editorial project

Black Quantum Futurism 2021

Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America

Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World

David S. Landes

Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World by David S. Landes

Scenes of Subjection: Terror, Slavery, and Self-Making in Nineteenth-Century America

Saidiya Hartman 1997

So What If the Clock Strikes? Scheduling Style, Control, and Well-Being

Anne-Laure Sellier and Tamar Avnet Yeshiva University 2014